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Make Money with ReviewTV…
We want to make ReviewTV a very unique and special destination that provides experiences and opportunities that are equally unique and special. We firmly believe that a good starting point for reaching this goal is sharing the benefits of ReviewTV’s growth with people like you who are helping to make that happen. This is the inspiration for our Referral program.

Please note there are no membership or entry fees here, no pay per minute or per call fees, nothing has been employed to separate you from your money. In short, if you plan on spending money on ReviewTV, you are going to need to look hard for a way to do so.

That is because our business model is based on selling advertising videos and banner ads to advertisers. The more visitors we have to the site, the better it is for our advertisers who get more eyes and ears on their ads.

So, simply do us both this easy favor… because you can make money here too. Simply tell your friends (online and off), plus people you may not even know… all about ReviewTV. And, for every 5 people who join the referral contest… you will be rewarded with $10.00… even if they do absolutely nothing after they register.

About Even More Good Stuff…
We also do another kind of revenue sharing with you too. We share our gross revenues on a monthly basis with you. You may not get rich. But, we want to help you to have nice things… like clothes and jewelry and stuff. So you need to make money. Thank the gods it’s easy to do this when you have a personal ReviewTV Affiliate ID. Sign up as ReviewTV Affiliate Partner, receive your ID after you submit the form below, and use this personalized link to direct your friends, Romans and countrymen to use it in your Facebook messages, emails, Tweets, Instagrams or any other website or social media you enjoy.

Now, your referral work is not intended to be a hard effort (like real work) riddled with stress, pressure or other unpleasant ways to spend time. Understand, you make money when you play our FREE games… win or lose. Just play. Your friends or referrals can do the same. Nobody is expected to buy anything. You do not have to sell, persuade or trick anyone into becoming a member of our community.

Just play by yourself if it makes you happy or interest friends in doing the same as much or as little as you all want. Should be pretty easy for you to inspire some amount of viral activity with people you know well or do not know at all, because you are doing them a favor by telling them about this… especially if they like to play games and count PayPal deposits.
Submit the form below to get started:
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After you submit your email address, you will received your unique referral URL which will look something like this: Always visit the site using this URL. Bookmark it, or depending on your internet proficiency… paste it into your browser or make it a clickable link. A simple way to accomplish this is to paste it into an email and send that email to yourself. When you open this email in your inbox the URL will be a live, clickable link.

Q. How do you get paid from us?
We pay by Paypal, Skrill, Circle Pay or Money Order… so make sure that you have at least one of those accounts.

Q. How do you know what referrals I have made and what games I have played?
As long as you use your unique affiliate URL to enter the site our tracking software will report your referrals, how long you are on the site, what games you have played and for how long, and other info pertinent to your efforts. Your affiliate URL provides all the information needed to understand how you and all your referrals are using the site so that your affiliate rewards can be calculated.

Be absolutely sure to use your affiliate URL in your emails, Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, classified ads and anywhere else you will be talking about game playing and making money at ReviewTV.

Q. Can you create ads and/or banners for me?
Yes, simply send your request along with the ad space width and height dimensions and we will create and host the ad for you. We generally create ads in 3 days or less. On this subject, if you have needs, wants or ideas that are beyond your expertise, just let us know.

Q. Do I need to own a website to refer member/players to ReviewTV?
No, in fact, you can probably do just as well as a website owner by emphasizing social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on… are very effective media for referring member/players. Many people use their own email contacts, but please do not spam emails that contain your Affiliate URLs. SPAM is just plain illegal and won’t make you any friends. Free Classified Ads are another medium that has been used successfully.

Q. Are there “best” prospects for referrals?
Obviously, people who love to play games (and not spend money in doing so) are excellent prospects. Remember, you are essentially referring people to FREE entertainment. The only “string attached” is ad viewing and that has not been a drawback for people watching free videos on YouTube. Most people like “free stuff”, and there is a very large audience where males and females play online games in equal numbers.

There is also the aspect of “making money” while you play free online games. Tons of people are in search of reasonable ways to make money in their spare time online or from home with no financial investment, no quotas and no boss. So, just as a start these are two, very large pools of people from which to casually develop referrals.

Q. When do you send out payments?
Usually, we send payments on the 25th of each month. You can request your earned payments at any time. But, be aware that most funds transfer services have transaction fees which they charge to you that are automatically deducted from your payment amount. If you have experience with moving money over the internet you know these transaction fees amount to just a few cents. However, it is best that you are aware of service fees by third parties.

Q. What is your minimum payment?
We do not have a minimum payment. You will be paid at least monthly and we will send you whatever amount you have earned.

Q. How often should I play games to make money?
We are assuming what you actually mean is… should I be playing games all day long? You may not want to force yourself to play games when you would rather be doing something else. That is when anything becomes “work” and no longer enjoyment or fun. In the long run, it is best to play games when you really feel like playing and it is fun.

Q. Do some games pay more than others when they are played?
No, you should simply play the games you enjoy the most.

Q. Are there tips for making the most money possible with this program?
Due to the fact ReviewTV does not sell a physical product, does not charge membership fees, usage fees or dues and is essentially 100% free, it can be a little difficult to get one’s arms around the profitability aspects of its business model. In short, the site makes money by having visitors on it… as many visitors as possible. These visitors are audience for advertising messages. The larger the audience at any given time, the more value the site has as an advertising tool. So, providing referrals who play our games is key to making money. And, since referrals increase audience size, the site’s value and revenue generation prospects rise. The higher the site’s gross revenues are, the more money everyone makes. Basically, refer and play to make money.

Q. Which email should I use to contact you about my account?
You can email us at

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