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Online Typing Jobs

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Online Typing Jobs

What is exactly an Online Typing Position? 
You should have the computer connected with internet connection for this job. It’s not necessary to download projects on your computer’s hard drive. Try to finish the work on respective employer’s server.
Job Nature: 
Our Clients/Our Partner agencies are in need of several online typists. We’ve got a huge outsourcing business customer’s criteria that are comprised of several online agencies specialized in real estate, stock market, market and matrimonial research, TV channels, News Portals. Only the work at competitive rates are accepted to the clients and afterward, we need you to finish the contract at a fixed time.

To sign up, freelancers don’t need to pay any application fee at any level. However, we expect high-quality work at a high accuracy from them.
Rates for this job:
Around $3.5 0 $6.0 per page, but the rates also depend on the nature and accuracy of the given work.
Expected monthly earning:
Following the example below, you’re guided on how to calculate the earning:
When your project is paid at US $3.5 per page, and if you typed 10 pages per day, then your earning is approximately US $35. If executing it only for 25 days in a month, then your monthly earning would be US $ 875.

Flexible Fingers, Great Eyesight. At least 30 – 50 words per minute on the computer. Good MS Office skills.

Sample Job Work:
Typing materials will be sent soon right after we received from our clients. It could be a digital copy or in a hand-written form. To perceive how to do it, we’ll offer you the sample work. Try to find a sample project file.

You’re paid right away straight from our Partner agencies. Once hitting the threshold limit of US $25, receive your money via PayPal, Cheque, or Online Money Transfer. Payments will be made on 15th of each month. If the earning can’t cross the threshold point in one month, it will be paid in the next month.

Registration without charge. No hidden cost is available before or after you join.

Selection Process:
Submit your information via the online application form to our committee. Our specialist team will review your profile, and if you’re eligible for the position, our team will contact at once.

ReviewTV is not a hirer but a recruitment company. We recommend the truly enthusiastic and qualified people to the online/offline hirers.

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