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Language Translation Jobs

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Language Translation Jobs

What is Language Translation job?
Translation is the act of interpreting the text meaning, and following it is the production of a text corresponding with the first one in value, known as a translation. It delivers the similar message in another language. The translated text is called the source text while the translated language will be called the target language.
Job Nature:
Our clients arrive from various fields, such as legal, medical, insurance, finance and media. And they want you to translate language for them. Our legal clients require translation for depositions, petitions, court proceedings and court records.

There are some law-enforcement statements that need to be translated. In addition, the medical industry always needs medical records and notes translated as well.Other industries having the high demand for translation services are insurance, financial agencies, and media.

Job Rates:
As a language translator, you can earn US $10 - $30 per page, and these rates are based on your work’s nature and accuracy degrees.
Expected monthly earning:
As you’ve got a translation project at the rate of US $10 per page and if translating all 5 pages a day, then you can make US $1250.

Reading, writing and speaking skills in any foreign language and good grammatical knowledge. Highly-familiar with MS Office or other computer apps such as Adobe Acrobat for example.

Sample Job Work:
Language Translation Project tends to get distributed by our clients digitally or in hand-written form. If you would like to know more about the project, feel free to visit our sample project file page and find your sample project file.

You’re paid right away straight from our Partner agencies. Once hitting the threshold limit of US $25, receive your money via PayPal, Cheque, or Online Money Transfer. Payments will be made on 15th of each month. If the earning can’t cross the threshold point in one month, it will be paid in the next month.

Registration without charge. No hidden cost is available before or after you join.

Selection Process:
Submit your information via the online application form to our committee. Our specialist team will review your profile, and if you’re eligible for the position, our team will contact at once.

ReviewTV is not a hirer but a recruitment company. We recommend the truly enthusiastic and qualified people to the online/offline hirers.

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