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You must know the basic use of your computer.

Personal Computer

It’s compulsory to have your own computer tool – no matter if it’s Windows or Mac as long as it owns the present operation system (one that remains supported by the operating system provider, such as Microsoft, Apple, etc.)

Internet connection

Due to much of work need the freelancers to execute data entry over the Internet, they’re compelled to gain a high-speed broadband link offered by a large cable or satellite provider.

Clean background

So as to solve our clients’ security suggestions, each applicant needs to sign a release allowing us to implement a background investigation. You won’t be asked to sign a release until we get in touch with you directly.

Since you work independently, it’s hoped that you will NOT need any tutorial about the basis of utilizing your computer. At least, you and the staff are obliged to know how to do the following:

- Avail Windows Explorer, covering: make new folders, copy, move, rename, delete files/folders, minimize, maximize and restore one window

- Install and activate a new software on your computer

- Uninstall software from computer

- Send and receive emails with attachments

- Utilize the Internet

These are the basic and minimum skills. Please do NOT send your name to us unless you’re incapable of doing them easily. We’ve got completely NO tolerance in this field and will stop using your services if you can’t afford to do these skills.

Aside from what mentioned above, you need to be able to use your computer accurately and productively for data entry into programs grown for given projects. You’ll be assessed not just on accuracy level but also on how well you follow the tutorials.

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