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This webpage is administered by ReviewTV Inc’s.

Your own privacy on ReviewTV Inc’s Website

The target purpose of ReviewTV Inc’s web is to become an energetic resource and business tool to assist you to make your own future. We’d like you to feel safe when coming across the site and are committed to keeping your privacy throughout the visit.

What type of materials would we collect?

Materials on ReviewTV Inc’s website is collected in two ways: (1) indirectly (via the web technology); and (2) directly (as you deliver information on different pages on

One instance of information gathered indirectly is via the Internet access logs. One accessing ReviewTV Inc’s webpage, the Internet address is available automatically and put in the Internet access logs.

We gain materials straight from you in different ways, a few of them described in this Privacy Statement. One way is via the use of cookies. These cookies are little files of info which can save and reclaim information about your access to – for instance, how you accessed our site, navigated through the site and which information fascinated you. The cookies we avail will identify you just as one number. (In case you feel uncomfortable about cookies use, bear in mind you could disable cookies on the computer by altering the settings in preference or menu in the browser)

We also gather materials once you submit it to us. Via our site, we offer the chance to sign up for a conference, order a paper, or join an online survey. As collecting such a sort of information, we’ll inform you about why we need that information and how it can be used. It’s totally up to you whether you desire to deliver it or not.

How should we avail this information?

We start analyzing it to decide which one is the most efficient about our site, to help us clarify ways on how to boost it, and lastly, to decide how to tailor ReviewTV Inc’s site for better effectiveness. We also take advantage of data for other purposes, which we would make it clear to you at a time when we gain the information.

Shall we share this with the third parties?

As an international organization, the amount of data collected may get transferred globally via ReviewTV Inc’s worldwide organization. We won’t sell individual materials but only share it to our counselors. There will be some times as we must share information, for instance, in the event we need to offer the caterer with meal preferences. However again, by the time you submit any material, we’ll notify you why we require specific information and it’s totally up to you whether or not you desire to offer it.

How about sensitive private data?

We don’t overall search for sensitive private data via this site. In case we do find to gain such data, we’ll ask you to approve the uses of the data. Collecting some private data accidentally. By offering us sensitive private data, you approve our use of data according to applicable law as depicted in this Privacy Statement. The references to “sensitive private data” belong to different divisions of private data identified by European and data privacy laws as requesting unique treatment, covering in some situations that obtain the straightforward approval. These sections include personal identity numbers, private data about personality, personal life, racial/ethnic origin, nationality, political membership, religion, philosophy, or other beliefs, trade union/career/association membership, physical/mental health, genetic code, sexual life, addictions, property issues or criminal record (covering information about doubtful criminal deeds).

Shall we give you access to your data?

You have the right to know whether we own any information about you, and if we do, you’re entitled to access that data and require it to be re-corrected in case it’s wrong. You could do this by contacting us via email.

How about data security?

We take the most suitable steps to keep your data security on ReviewTV Inc’s webpage. It’s recommended to know that the openness of the Internet is when the data can flow all over the networks without any security measurement and is properly accessed or availed by some people other than the ones for whom the data is actually intended.

How not to choose?

If you’re not willing to get any update by ReviewTV Inc’s in the close future. Feel free to unsubscribe any time through the use of unsubscribed link included in our mail or other post updated each time.

Concisely, we’re interested in keeping your privacy and establishing a precious resource for your best use. If you’ve got further inquiry now or during the visit, please get in touch with us.

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