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How would I get paid for my own work as a freelancer?

You’re paid by our clients and partners on a per-product basis. Each individual project is varying in difficulty. For some certain projects, the amount of data entered can be small, so you’re able to input anywhere else you like from 2 to 4 forms for one minute. The rates for these ones range from 4 to 8 cents for each form. While other complicated projects would ask you to do the work for 30 – 60 minutes, with the rates ranging from $5 - $9 for one document. All freelancers handling the same project will be paid the same rate per piece.

When and how often would I get paid?

You’ll send an invoice to our clients and partners for every 2 weeks (every Friday). Feel free to email to send the invoice to them. You will inform them about your completed work before 2 weeks, even the day of the invoice. It’s usually paid 28 days after the invoice date.

Is there any option for the time I spend for my work?

Primarily, you’re allowed the work at any chosen time. There will be some exceptions when clients need turnaround time for your work.

Is there any specific requirement about the place I perform the work?

Feel free to do your own work anywhere you like as long as it’s connected to the Internet. Our clients have built up their data-based website that enables you to log in. We suggest one DSL or cable modern connection. After inserting the user ID and password, you can select from the list of projects in which each one owns its project screening process. The data entered will be instantly stored on the server. Once getting things done, you can log off.

How could they know how much work I’ve just done?

Once logging in the clients’ data-based system, you’re asked to insert username and password. The username is recorded as a part of the data per document processed, therefore offering them an exact count of work. This can give them the audit path for quality assurance and adjustment.

Could I ask others to perform the work for me?

Yes, but only when you offer the straightforward supervision, they sign our clients’ agreement about work confidentiality and you can give proofs of executing the suitable criminal background investigation.

Is there any fee I have to pay?

Nope. You don’t have to pay a single cent to us before or after applying for a Position.

Do I have to purchase any new software?

Overall, no. In unique circumstances, the clients’ projects properly suggest the use of third-party software. In case you have not already had the software, go to obtain it straight from the software agency. Presently, just one of the projects requires that software. It charges you $99. Extra, you’ll need a software program from Citrix that allows you to link to the data entry center. The Citrix program is a FREE download.

How soon would I be in touch?

There are about 166500+ freelancers executing different data based services for the popular clients. We won’t discourage you from signing up, but there’s a long waiting list of those who have registered to be regarded, so it won’t be realistic for you to hope to be contacted soon.

Why am I in need of DLS or a cable modern connection?

All of the typing-related work from scanned pictures. The images ask a quick connection so as to get shown off fast. In case that you own a slow connection, it’ll take a long time for the images to be shown and then you will waste a lot of time.

Would your clients subtract any tax?

Nope, they’re incapable of subtracting any sort of tax.

I’ve still got one Question. Where Must I Contact?

Merely contact us and send us an email, we’ll reply to you within 2 – 4 working days.

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